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The WareHouse has moved again!

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Layout Well here we are all moved into our new home in North Carolina. This is the third house that we have bought and with each home my “server room” has gotten more elaborate. In our first house it was in the Den Closet. The second house air conditioned and under the back stairs. Here in our third house, the server room is a new addition built in the garage. The garage has very high ceilings, about fourteen feet. Also, the garage is not square, it has a set back of about seven feet in one corner. So what I have done is built a insulated room in the corner with eight foot ceilings. This will allow me with some creative plumbing to put a window air conditioner on the rooms roof and have a nice air conditioned server room contained inside the garage. As a nice benefit the room is large enough that I can also use it for storage for things like Dive equipment that should not be stored in the heat.

Of course the server room would be worthless without access to the rest of the house. So I now have twenty data drops (RJ-45 connections) in the house that terminate in the server room. I also have ten 110 volt outlets in the house that connect to the UPS in the server room.


Above is a photo of the network wall in my server room (Click on the photo to see a larger image).

Area 1 is the data drops. One panel for upstairs, one panel for downstairs.

Area 2 is the electrical runs. Connecting these outlets to the UPS protects various outlets through out the house.

Area 3 is the phone wiring. The upper block is the household phone wiring. The two lower blocks are for VOIP and TELCO. I am using Sunrocket for VOIP phone service (I recently switched after using Vonage for two years) so the pig tail is plugged into the VOIP block and all the household phone jacks are VOIP enabled. If however I decide to go back to using Bellsouth or some other traditional phone service I can quickly switch the household wiring back by plugging into the other block.

Area 4 is a thermostat to control the Air Conditioner.

Here is a photo of the rest of the room. As you can see it still needs some work. Give me another week or two and it will be done.

Finally, the door had to have a push button lock.


Ian... Ian wrote:

I love your layout, and would like to know if you would be willing to share it with me. I am in the process of setting up my own site http://www.manseau.us. I was going to do my own layout, but I just got orders and am deploying in 11 days. I would like to use yours as a starting point instead of going from scratch. Let me know if you would be willing, of course I would leave credit in the code.

Ian Manseau

21:30 GMT on Nov 17, 2007

London Ontario Home... London Ontario Home wrote:

Nice work, that is what the modern new house should include nowadays.

15:54 GMT on Apr 14, 2009
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