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09/22/06: The WareHouse has moved again!

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Layout Well here we are all moved into our new home in North Carolina. This is the third house that we have bought and with each home my “server room” has gotten more elaborate. In our first house it was in the Den Closet. The second house air conditioned and under the back stairs. Here in our third house, the server room is a new addition built in the garage.

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04/23/06: DIY: Digital Picture Frame

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Digital Picture Frame #2 I have just finished hanging my second Digital Picture Frame (DPF). My first DPF was created almost a year ago, and it hangs on the wall in my office at work. It has been running fine for almost a year, with very little need of attention. The second DPF is now displayed proudly in my living room. Both frames were created from old laptops I had lying around the house. I started thinking about making a DPF after I bought a Ceiva for my Grandmother in 2001. Then last year I saw several do it yourself DPF projects and thought, hell I can do that.

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