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05/07/08: My new sailing blog

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I have created a new blog to chronicle my adventures in learning to sail. I really could have just blogged about my sailing from this site, but I could not find a good way to post to a Nucleus based site via email. Posting via email is important if I ever get a chance to go offshore and want to blog via single side band radio or satellite phone. So hear it is:

Where is Serenity

04/12/08: Site Repaired

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Well I was trying to see how long I could go without writing a new post. Made it to 565 days. Guess that is not to bad.

I realized yesterday that the website was not working correctly. Permalinks were working, but links from the main page were not. Also the comments section of each post spit out some ugly SQL code. So today I rolled up my sleeves and dug around until I got everything fixed. Apparently the website has been broken since late January when I had applied a upgrade to the sites database. No one complained, so I guess that says a lot about how many visitors I get

The most popular section of the website is the Genealogy section. It was working fine since it uses a different database.

04/09/06: Photo Gallery is now skinned!

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Well, It has taken me several months, but I finally got the Photo Gallery skinned to match the rest of the site. After several false starts I figured out that the Photo Gallery needed to be “visually embedded” into my site by editing Gallery2 theme templates. I was trying to make things too hard and create a theme from scratch.

03/24/06: Internet Explorer 7 beta

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I recently installed Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 and was surprised to find that it supports transparent png files. This means that my site looks like it should when using Internet Explorer 7. No obnoxious white boarders around the sheet, navigation, and comment pallets. Since about 70% of my visitors use Internet Explorer it will be nice when they can finally see the site as it was designed. I would still suggest that everyone switch to a standards compliant browser like FireFox or Opera, since Internet Explorer 7 still has other issues with formating and CSS, but over all Internet Explorer 7 is a big improvement.

11/04/05: Cruising

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Voyager at Sea

We are getting ready to go on a Radisson cruise aboard the Seven Seas Voyager for our 10th anniversary. It is going to be a really fun trip and I feel like we could use the vacation!

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10/14/05: Rodney “Moon” Crossman

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I really like Google Alerts. I have about ten of them setup to email me when new information is found on the web. You never know what new and unexpected information an alert will provide. My alert for San Salvador Bahamas just fired off, [“San Salvador” Bahamas] with a news story about Rodney Moon. I knew Rodney when he was a Divemaster and we worked for a short while together at the Riding Rock Inn and Marina on San Salvador. Apparently Rodney is now a Sport Fish Captain and has just won the 2005 New Smyrna Beach Billfish Invitational in Florida. Congratulations Moon!

10/23/04: Nick walks away from an plane crash

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Our friend Nick Pitt from San Salavdor Bahamas, walked away from a plane crash, Friday October 22 2004, here is the story...

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08/08/04: Bahamas: Hurricane Frances Fails To Kill Residents' Spirit

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It was an image that told the story of an unwelcome storm: a dining room table on a small hill in San Salvador's United Estates, surrounded by the rubble of the house that was.

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10/08/95: Links

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Links copied from my old static html web site

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