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04/23/06: DIY: Digital Picture Frame

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Digital Picture Frame #2 I have just finished hanging my second Digital Picture Frame (DPF). My first DPF was created almost a year ago, and it hangs on the wall in my office at work. It has been running fine for almost a year, with very little need of attention. The second DPF is now displayed proudly in my living room. Both frames were created from old laptops I had lying around the house. I started thinking about making a DPF after I bought a Ceiva for my Grandmother in 2001. Then last year I saw several do it yourself DPF projects and thought, hell I can do that.

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04/09/06: Photo Gallery is now skinned!

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Well, It has taken me several months, but I finally got the Photo Gallery skinned to match the rest of the site. After several false starts I figured out that the Photo Gallery needed to be “visually embedded” into my site by editing Gallery2 theme templates. I was trying to make things too hard and create a theme from scratch.